Haase+Santis [Germany/Chile] . “M5”


The Haase+Santis duo was initiated through a visit by the violinist Johannes Haase to the Open City of Amereida – the place where sculptor and noise artist Óscar Santiscurrently resides. There, they began to develop a bond in relation to music as sound structure. The improvisations they realize are based on free sessions, wherein a dialogue is generated at the intersections of these structures. These are the intersections that articulate and give shape to the music.


Concerning the sound structures that bind them together, their relationship is highly complex in the sense that in certain moments we see extremely opposed planes proceeding independently, a radicalism of timbre and brutality of sound that carries an involuntary dissociation to the ear in order to contain the sounds that the duo presents us. At the same time, in other moments we see artists highly polished from a sonic precision and beauty that generates a temporal confusion, leading us to a careful and precise internal listening.

The duo articulates their discourse from a sonic radicalism, making sure that their music does not permit the listener to release his or her attention from listening at any time. The sonic turbulence generated by the noise ofÓscar, and the constant evolution generated by the tension of Haase’s violin makes listening to this album a beautiful challenge for attentive listening, which these days have so much forgotten. But above all, the sonic radicalism, and the freedom of form presented by the duo are appreciated.

>Sebastián De Larraechea
(Ciudad Abierta de Ritoque, Chile, june 2015


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