Known for pulverising works on the Mego label like Noonbugs and The End Of Vinyl, Austrian sound sculptor and former member of the notorious Ilsa Gold, Peter Votava returns to his noisy oeuvre via the excellent Cronica label, this time toting dark ambience, digitally remodelled guitars (sampled from the fretboard of Digital Hardcore survivor Christoph De Babalon) and plenty of ear-melting microsonic experimentation. This one gives KTL a run for their money in the experimental metal stakes. Powerful stuff. “Ification presents a collection of seven highly diverse tracks that revolve around dense, filmic and eerie atmospheres, without ever drifting into obvious or simple harmonies. As in his previous work, Pure takes from music history whatever serves his narrative needs and appropriates it through his very own sound-mangling strategies. Complementing this approach, here, and for the first time in his work, there is a very tight integration of various instrumentalists, whose recordings – produced for this CD – are often the compositional base of the tracks.” Highly recommended.


Guitar samples for 1: Christoph de Babalon.
Drums on 2 & 7: Martin Brandlmayr.
Screams on 5 & 7: Alexandra von Bolzn.
Bass guitar sample for 6: Anke Eckardt.



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