Sound as a first language

John Daly. Soundartist.

John Daly. Soundartist.

Two new releases from me, John Daly, presented here. As a rebellious teenager living in a time of cultural turmoil in 60s Ireland, also heavily influenced by our closest neighbor England my education in a brutal education system was sadly, fairly sparse. Like many I have no grasp of our native language Gaelic and at that time only a localised version of english. When I emigrated to England in 1979 I had to work hard to make myself understood. I like the idea of sound being another way to communicate, even if the ideas are not clearly stated in the same way as with spoken language.
On ‘guitar and cement’ there are elements of noise, glitch, some meditative sax work by both players, all set, as in my previous recordings, a ‘jazzish’ framework. This jazzish language is a comfortable way for me to work in fragmented, free genre type of sound creation.

‘if we be lost’ on the other hand has Declan Drohan speaking his own writings. This was recorded in one take with myself playing guitar, interfered guitar and laptop. Declan had his pieces prepared and would come in at some time after a nod from me. The soundscape is an improvised collaboration.

We have played with these ideas live and I’m sure will produce more work if for no other reason than the enjoyment it gives us.

The last track on tar and cement is a live ‘dj’ set of my own work with some voice from Declan, street recordings and a little sax from Zenjungle. I am very excited by this idea and would to love to dj live in public spaces. The beats are from my smartphone.


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