Un Rêve Nu is very proud to annonce it’s first vinyle LP release.

Le Grand Attracteur
Vortex + Jean-Kristoff Camps
urn003 ? 12/2015

VortexSébastien Cirotteau (amplified trumpet, tubes, snare drums) / Heddy Boubaker (analog modular synth)
Jean-Kristoff Camps (remix, electronics, voice …)

“Il existe une vraie complicité dans Vortex entre Heddy Boubaker au synthétiseur analogique et Sébastien Cirotteau à la trompette amplifiée. Organique et tonitruante, leur musique émerveille par le brouillage des pistes et les textures qu’elle fabrique.
En face B, Jean-Kristoff Camps propose un remix qui crée des liens entre la musique de Vortex et l’univers sonore international, marqué ici par l’affaire Tarnac et les écrits du Collectif Invisible.” — Jérôme Noetinger

You can listen some extract on http://unrevenu.bandcamp.com/album/le-grand-attracteur

More information there: http://unrevenu.fr/label/urn003

About: Heddy Boubaker

Born in 1963, Heddy started music by playing electric guitar in Rock bands, since long time passed and he played many other musical styles and then progressively switched to the alto and bass saxophone; Since 2011 he stopped all his saxophone practice and started to play analog modular synth and electric bass and take back guitar. His main musical activities are now centered on improvised music and sound research; in solo or with others musicians, poets, dancers… he is really found of musical meetings too. He played on many international places with a lot of partners (M.Doneda, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, J-L.Guionnet, E.Prevost, B.Ulher, P.Battus, Lê Quan Ninh, D.Lazro, M.Kerbaj, C.Thomas, S.Beresford, E.Chadbourne, C.Abdenour, C.Wodrascka, J-L.Cappozzo among others). He published many CDs and is very active in concerts organisation in the Toulouse area.

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