Radio Now: A Symposium

There are plenty of conferences devoted to ‘the future of radio, but this speculative viewpoint misses real advances happening under our very noses. Radio Now seeks to examine the medium from a contemporary practitioner’s perspective. With a focus on the state of the (radio) art, it brings together leading international radio creates and instigators to provide a snapshot of art, research and the feature in today’s local and global radio landscapes.

Radio Now takes the form of short, focused, illustrated presentations followed by broader group discussions. Convened by Dr Ed Baxter, Radio Now will also inaugurate a new wide-ranging critical online Radio Review site hosted by Resonance 104.4fm.
11am – 1pm / Podium Lecture Theatre
Radio Now: introduced by Ed Baxter (UK: LCC, Resonance 104.4fm)
Radio art presentations by Dr Colin Black, Darren Copeland and Mobile Radio (Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington).
2pm – 4pm / MLG_06, Lower Ground Floor Media Block
Radio feature presentations by Alan Hall and Nina Garthwaite
Radio research presentations by Juliette Kristensen and Dr Lance Dann

Radio Now: closing presentation by Ed Baxter followed by general discussion


Dr Colin Black (Australia) –  University of West Sydney, International Radio Art (and Creative Audio for Trans-media) Research Group
Darren Copeland (Canada) – founding and current Artistic Director of NAISA (New Adventures in Sound Art)
Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington (Germany) – Mobile Radio. Founders of Radia network.
Alan Hall (UK) – Falling Tree
Nina Garthwaite (UK) – In The Dark
Juliette Kristensen (UK) – The Arts & Culture Unit
Dr Lance Dann (UK) – University of Brighton


Radio Now: A Symposium
presented by London College of Communication, UAL

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