Event — Aposiopèse | Mon. 30. Nov.


Concert + Screening – Event by  “Aposiopèse” + “Lab-sin Asbl” at Le Rideau.
Where ? “Le rideau de Bruxelles” – Rue Goffart, 7A, 1050. Ixelles, Brussels : map.

!!! Doors : 18:30 – Start : 19:00 – End : 22:00 — 6 Euros.

Facebook Event — Info / Booking / Reservation : editions.aposiopese@gmail.com

Computer music | Improv | Electronics
Solo Show – Concert

French musician, Marcel Ormittal (Aka Paul Boudeau) lives and works in Brussels. He is active as a sound experimenter exploring all kind of artistic experiments using sound and/or visuals, (sound-installations, musique concrète & live electronics improvisations).
M. Ormittal’s music is both immediate and intangible, abstract and deconstructed.
Depending on projects, he can use acoustic sound sources and/or digital processing, playing computer-music, mixing sounds from traditional instruments, with prepared sound-objects & toys, like playing guitar with a remote controlled miniature car (as a ebow), or even converting a video signal into sound.
Improvising with personal software, Marcel Ormittal creating an intensely personal language, with pulses, ambient noise & drones.
Iterative, immersive and resonant, its work reflects a keen sense of spatiality and dynamics.
He is also well-known for hosting concerts, workshops & exhibitions at « Delacharge » in co-operation with « Aposiopèse » or with the collective « Lab ~ »


Field recordings | Magnetic tapes | Strings instruments

Solo Show – Concert

Gordon Ashworth is an American musician and sound artist whose primary field is experimental composition for string instruments, magnetic tape and field recordings. He has been heavily involved in the noise and experimental music underground since 2002 and has released dozens of drone, noise, folk and musique concrete recordings under the names Concern, Oscillating Innards, CAEN, Riverbed Mausoleum, and now his real name. He has performed in over 25 countries and is a member of the extreme metal band Knelt Rote.

Ashworth’s live performance focuses on tape manipulation of electro-acoustic drones and folk instrumentation, tempered by psychologically potent sounds of social environments. His field recordings are carefully edited documents of his job as a night taxi driver that accentuate a paradox of working a dangerous job in order to survive as an artist. The room grows into an intense sonic environment that instills feelings of being in countless locations at once, somewhere between privacy and social life, musical beauty and human ugliness, a full heart and a troubled mind. His debut full-length “S.T.L.A.” is a deep exploration of the fundamental elements of American folk music, musique concrete, modern classical and inexplicable emotions. 



Film “Brazil 84” (Directed, filmed & edited by Phill Niblock)

Screening — Projection

Screening of Phill Niblock’s Film “Brazil 84” / (The movement of people working). 77 min.
Note !!! Unfortunately, Phill Niblock will not be present at the event.

Phill Niblock, (b.1933) is an intermedia artist using music, film, photography, video and computers. He makes thick, loud drones of music, filled with microtones of instrumental timbres which generate many other tones in the performance space. Simultaneously, he presents films / videos which look at the movement of people working, or computer driven abstract images floating through time. Brazil 84 is from Niblock’s series ‘The Movement of People Working.’ 16mm, unedited long shots, carefully framed to compress single movements, shot in rural and urban settings, capturing people in their working environments, men and women using their hands and body to an eternal working choreography that seems tuned to the microtonal universe of Niblock’s music.

All these images are timeless, they could have been shot today, in the 60’s or even earlier in the century. All these images have a perfect timing, a perfect framing, captured not as a document but more as a choreographic gesture, as visual music. The images are raw, the colors are saturated and the sound seems to happen in your head.
Phill Niblock says: ‘In 1984, I returned to Brazil, deciding to travel the coast, closest to the ocean, from Salvador, Bahia, to as far north as I could get in the time I had. That turned out to be Natal, 1000km away. I was the sole film crew, carrying the camera bag and tripod, loading the film, reading the light and occasionally applying sun screen. The film from that trip is the material on this DVD. And it was beautiful to see that country and those people.’
Originally silent, Niblock chose to add his music as the soundtrack, as he often does during screenings of his films. These works, specially compiled for this release, are presented in both stereo and surround mixes. For this DVD, a new transfer was made of the original 16mm film, which was then restored under Niblock’s supervision. (Metamkine)




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• Aposiopèse •


Aposiopèse is a non-profit record-label. Some members live in France (Laval) & Belgium (Brussels). We publish cd, vinyl, cd-r, digital download. Aposiopèse has released records by Thomas Tilly, Yvan Etienne, Tomoko Sauvage, Julien Beau, Mha, Fago.sepia, Hervé Moire.

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