italian experimental underground 015 survey – volume I

italian experimental underground 015 survey - volume I

Unexplained Sounds Group is proud to celebrate the first anniversary of its birth with a compilation dedicated to italian experimental underground scene. A very stimulating investigation adventure, through a quite fragmented scene. A survey on most creative and experimental sounds from emerging italian panorama, spreading from North of country (Yellows project from Torino), to South (Alessandro Rizzo from Cosenza). The narrow space of this compilation didn’t allow to include all artists known during this long research; so that it’s in preparation a volume II of this survey.
Great thanks to all musicians on board for their trusting and supporting the project.
released 20 February 2015

Edited by Unexplained Sounds Group
Artwork: Cesar Naves

Each track rights reserved to corresponding astist.
All compilation rights reserved to Unexplained Sounds Group.

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