Arnaud Pérennès

About: Arnaud Pérennès

Arnaud Pérennès, musician and visual artist, uses a variety of media ranging from video to live multimedia performance. Since 1996, he has been working on the concept of 'out-takes' or failures of reason,opening the way to another dimension in which thought is always structured around a kind of immanent, unreachable 'otherness'. His work is expressed through drawing, which he sees as a symbol of "the hand which we use to draw and guide machines; and which, by its actions, always commits the whole of the rest of our body". As a multimedia author, Arnaud Pérennès also takes part in various contemporary dance projects. These partnerships include the multimedia presentation "No man no chicken" with the , a choreography designed for Katja Fleig by Osman Khelili in 2005... perennial nature and ephemeral art:Imagine an ephemeral work, paradoxically perennial, since it can be forever refreshed in real time. In latin, "perenne" is used to describe an ever-flowing spring.

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