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How To Cure Our Soul is an audio-visual duo based in Abruzzo, Italy. Founded in 2010 by Marco Marzuoli and later joined by Alessandro Sergente. Both artists graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts where they explored a universe of vision and sound. Through an intense process working with digital and analogue instruments, How To Cure Our Soul evokes a reflective space – philosophy, landscapes (natural and human) and communication. They work with videos, music and photos, finding new outcomes from a reinterpretation of reality.

Saigon is the second official release of HTCOS. It is a long meditation in two pieces featuring the recovery of sound and identity in a dimension beyond time and space. Each imperfection is built into the atmospheric experience. Saigon provides an intimate low-fi catharsis, a chance to float in a soundscape. It invites the listener to be here, to experience here and to embrace both beauty and imperfection.

Marco Marzuoli: tape, mixing board, laptop
Alessandro Sergente: guitar, bass, electronics



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