Drone Cinema Film Festival 2016

~ Call for Entries ~
Drone Cinema Film Festival, a non-competitive curated film festival, seeks entries for the second edition of the festival to take place in 2016.
We seek independent, unique and compelling work in film, experimental video and animation. All interested filmmakers and sound/media artists are encouraged to submit work for consideration.
The Drone
The drone forms the basis of much world music, from Early Music to Ragas to American Primitive Folk Music to experimental music, the sonic drone places the viewer in a space that exists outside of time, inducing a transcendental state of consciousness and visions of ancient exotic landscapes infused with eastern philosophies. Or, anywhere the listener’s imagination is liable to take them.
On the surface Drone Cinema shares similar qualities with Slow Cinema, Structuralism & Minimalism, but Drone Cinema eschews narrative altogether and instead focuses on micro-movements within the frame: monotonal structures, monochromatic radiations, hypnotic ganzfelds, slowly changing blur fields, light beams filled with particles of dancing dust — i.e., tiny visual nuances that go unnoticed by the casual observer.
If you are a fan of Earth, La Monte Young, Tony Conrad, Phil Niblock, Terry Riley, Glenn Branca, Eliane Radigue, Indian Classical Music, Early Music or other drone music projects then it’s obvious you know what drones sound like, but we want to know what you think drones look like.
Looking forward to viewing your work,
Kim Cascone
Director/Curator, Drone Cinema Film Festival

For more info go to: http://nycdronefilmfestival.com/
To submit to the 2016 #NYCDFF go to http://filmfreeway.com/festival/NewYorkCityDroneFilmFestival

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