Dental Dames - Cavities

Cavities combines a series of live and field recordings, clubhouse improv, and spoken texts recorded between 2011 and 2015. The band began in Philadelphia, but two members have relocated to Los Angeles and Turkey. Members have played in Xihu, Dracu La Las, Seizure 17, Normal, Bratbangs, Radio Eris, and Rabbitry.

Dental Dames wishes to thank Anthony Donovan, Jaan Patterson, Jim Tuite, Vega Darling, Dre G, Matt Stevenson, Kenneth Brown, Dan Baker, and especially Jon F. Allen for his album art.

Dental Dames:
Lora Bloom—guitar/vox/electro violin/poetics
Jamie Campbell—bass/vocals/puppetry/poetics
Bonnie MacAllister—keys/vox/poetics
Lisa Spera—drum/violin/guitar/vox

featuring: Jeanine Campbell—poetics/ukelele (“Knots”)

The following tracks have been previously released by Classwar Karaoke: Molotov Cocktease (0020 survey), I Lie (0023 survey) and
For Eris (0024 survey).
released 13 July 2015


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