factor X started as a conceptual idea, ended as an obtuse synth pop band. Radio DAda #1 happened somewhere in between. Founded by Shaun Robert in 1983, the first output was anti musik and then moved to rough collage. This recording is an overview of the project, a gathering of materials from live performances, kitchen jams, spoken word, noise improv, and adverts. Parts of a fantasy radio show; both as a recording prepared on tape to be played on the radio and also the fragmented parts that a listener at home records off the radio; these meet and fluctuate. The piece moves between style and context, making paradigm shifts. It is raw, personal, and unpredictable, like tuning a radio.

Compiled over a year in 1991, Radio DADa #1 is a record of the collaborations, letter tapes, visiting friends, all starting in controlled chaos. factor X ended in 1994.


Shaun Robert (b. 1966 in Brixham, Devon, England) started recording and making music since the age of 8 using tape machines by utilizing the pause button, crash editing sounds together. This was not seen as form of art, more of a way to understand and adapt the world around him. Using a catalogue of pseudonyms to do various projects, these creative outings became more and more like imaginary friends, coloring things with a rainbow of the mind’s eye.

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