Releases 2004 – 2009

Arturas Bumšteinas . Pastoral

Boletus Satanas Laimonas Masevičius: tuba. Recorded in the studio of Lithuanian Composers’ Union in January of 2010. Once I was ...
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VA – No Labels No Musics

Inspired by similar projects on the net, the electro-music.com Field Recording Project challenged users to create original compositions from the ...
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PAUL HUBWEBER & PHILIP ZOUBEK . Archiduc Concert : Dansaert Variations

The whole of a duo concert on trombone and prepared piano, recorded at LArchiduc in Brussels - a bar whose ...
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Zed Trio . Lost Transitions

Toulouse-based sax player Heddy Boubaker, along with fellow guitarist David Lataillade and drummer Frédéric Vaudaux, are ZED, a free-music unit ...
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Lamneck / Fabbriciani Winds of the Heart

Perhaps if Gulliver had met a Gypsy musician in the course of his travels and had been lucky enough to ...
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Cho and The Martyrs Like Eric and Dylan: Remixes for Cho Seung-Hui

Cho and The Martyrs Like Eric and Dylan: I Let My Hard in Virginia (Niopo Poreri mix): Play in Popup | Download ...
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Arte nel Rumore Vol.3

English Art in noisE Way too often in Italy "noise" music has been linked to rock or dark genres, and, ...
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Eric La Casa . W2

We think that we « make a journey » but soon enough it's the journey that makes – and unmakes ...
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Kristus Kut . Under The Spell Of The Liquid Goddess

'...it was as cream, makes hang was face sick in my choose circles clown able left should your ear up ...
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rakombinacje . izolacje sensu

Rakombinacje's "Izolacje Sensu" is an album of extraordinary glitch-ambient. A lush palette of sounds paves a smooth journey before your ...
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thorsten soltau . weiss – rezykla

based on single sounds of the album "rephlex" of the nuremberg artist weiss, thorsten soltau constructed two minimal compo- sitions, ...
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It takes two. Two gears, two springs, two mechanisms. Two strings, two hands, two people. The activity of calibrating requires ...
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