In the creative experience of Gilles Aubry (Swiss sound artist living in Berlin) references are a recurring use of field recordings and, at the same time, an evident interest for some characters of musique concrète.
Gilles deals also with electronics and computer programming, with results ranging from experimentation to improvisation, matters handled with personal interpretation and elaborative approach.
His discography includes a release on Creative Sources (as SwiftMachine) and a participation (this year) to “Berlin Electronics” on Absinth Records.
Moreover, he is involved in other projects (Monno, The Same Girl), author of sound installations and protagonist of live performances.
This new disc issued by Crónica exactly shows the side of Aubry devoted to (re)construct environmental recordings (this is what happens listening to the eight untitled tracks of the album).
Despite the use of multiple sources taken from various locations in Berlin, their perfect assemblage makes “Berlin Backyards” a work surprisingly uniform.
In fact the pieces could be considered eight movements of a suite because of the continuity that each gives to the previous one, almost like a single recording from a single source.
All the material has been treated to produce an indistinct mass of spatial sound, obtained with a fusion of daily life moments captured from the natural/animal world or extracted from the human living.
Through his narration of what is around us, Aubry provides passages of musique concrète at highest levels.

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