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Getting into December, we are glad to receive the work of american artist Tsone. We first met him while building up our 25th release, Circles Around The World. Gladly surprised by the consistency of his oeuvre we asked Tony Obr to work out an album for Audiotalaia. Finally, here it is this A Sea Beyond Reckoning.

This album has been conceived as a closed project in which all the elements forming that release are interconnected and related to each other in terms of compositions and sound design. Asking the artist about this work he stated the following:

These works were primarily composed and arranged using a battery of custom built software instruments and effects. I designed the software to function as complex interconnected systems that allow creation to emerge. In this sense much of the aesthetic agency is given over to the systems themselves. Each composition becomes its own environment with its own internal logic which enables the fundamental qualities of a sound to blossom and develop into elaborate structures.Â

Jay Hardin is in charge of the artwork for this release. He has worked out a series of graphite and charcoal drawings trying to build an image for the compositions.

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