Guitly C., Pato . Split


Guilty C. has been chopping noises and hairy infants in the funeral mountains of the Nara prefecture for quite a while now, leading an errant life among vegetable dumplings, agoraphobic trees and necrophagous cunts. “Rest In Peace In Town” on the Circle side is the last blow of the paraplegic sword art mastered to overcome his incommensurable fights against the castrate humongous pot-bellied pig’s mafia and the dolphin men’s despotic oppression towards self-taught illiterates, producers of infected fair trade papaya and empowerment in clinical practice.
Brain dead for 3 years after attacking the Undertaker with an ax while trying to water his datura field with a foam extinguisher on the threshold of a new world, Pato survived his lethal wounds thanks to a nano chip interfacing with his cerebral tissues and developped in secret by his Formula 1 team during an internship as cabine crew member for an Afghanistan lowcost airline company. Mixing TO7 computers, modified Boeing A320 aircrafts and manipulated spring sand of the Costa Brava, “Brace Brace” on the Triangle side was recorded after Pato’s recovery and rings out like a cursed sound fascination for squid and dragsters.
The exogalactic overriding aorta artwork of this new LPM publication was entirely designed by the fireproof genius Zeke S. Clough and printed in Risograph by Manymono in London. Cut as usual so far by Rashad Becker at Duplates Berlin.

Solid white 7″ with b/w labels, 45rpm, ltd.300ex.,
hand-stamped & numbered, 3-colour Risograph artprints, 10eur

Guilty C.: www.myspace.com/guiltyconnector666

Pato: www.patooo.net

Zeke S. Clough: www.zekeclough.com

Manymono: www.manymono.com



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