Steve Barsotti . Along These Lines


Subtle fluttering fragments that boarder on the inaudible float across the stereo spectrum and hover on the fringes of perception are interspersed with glitchy shards that dance on the edge of the speaker cone and threaten to pierce through into the room The newest collection of works by Seattle sound artist Steve Barsotti featuring works for invented instruments, electronics and field recordings. Limited edition of 200

“Terraces is built out of steppes, plateaus and crevices I would never have dared on my own. Mundane sounds become monumental events, subtleties are substantiated, echoes made epic, and shades of doubt edited out. Composed out of an improvised set, Terraces articulates thresholds where land meets sky, sea meets shore, and where one’s inner landscape converges with the outside world.” – Perri Lynch

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