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Gianni Grégory FORNET : Troppo tintu è addivintatu lu munnu

Gianni Grégory FORNET : Troppo tintu è addivintatu lu munnu

[img]http://modisti.org/cds/archivo/1916.jpg[/img] [stream]http://www.amorfati.fr/medias/disques/010_troppo_tintu/mp3/TroppoTintu.mp3[/stream] Gianni Grégory FORNET : Troppo tintu è addivintatu lu munnu FATUM 010 Gianni Grégory FORNET – guitare solo avec la participation de Tuan Anh Bui (voix) Parution septembre 2007 Stickers et conception graphique : Jean-Michel Bruyère Exemplaires uniq... Read More »


[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1864.jpg[/img] [insubcdr05] “free improvisation / free jazz” torsion & distorsion, cavalcade minérale, métal rouge révolte, résonances du corps prêt à rompre. torsion & distortion, mineral cavalcade, revolt red metal, ready to break body resonances. Edited as 30 “delux” cdrs with hand-made, 3 colors, screenprinted ... Read More »

Mayas / Galvez / Nutters / Olse : hail satan

[img]http://modisti.org/cds/archivo/1910.jpg[/img] [stream]http://www.squidco.com/mp3/Squidco/MayasNutterHailSatan.mp3[/stream] cs093 Good, there’s no trace of Satanism here thus if you were wishing to hear this portuguese label deranging toward dark ambient, black metal or esoterism…well you’d better leave your expectations back home. Much more than to pentagrams and upside down crosses... Read More »

Túlio Falcão – Electroacoustic Works and Electronic Improvisations

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1857.jpg[/img] 2005-2007 Túlio Falcão is a multi-instrumetalist that lives in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Pernambuco. He began his carrer playing guitar and bass on various thrash/death/hardcore bands during the 80’s and later came to work with experimental music. Currently he studies music on UFPE and is an active member of HRÖNIR, COMBO RECIFE D... Read More »

A Handful of Dust : Now Gods, Stand Up For Bastards/The Philosophik Mercury

[img]http://modisti.org/cds/archivo/1808.jpg[/img] [stream]http://www.weirdorecords.com/cpCommerce/images/products/downloads/handfulofdustbastards.mp3[/stream] Now Gods, Stand Up For Bastards/The Philosophik Mercury is a double-disc re-issue of two limited and long out-of-print works by this obscure enigma. Plunging straight into the chasm of ultra-minimalist abrasion and chaotic improv, these two... Read More »

Candycoveredclown – Xemmoreah

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1852.jpg[/img] (ca211) (January 28, 2009) Martins Rokis from Riga, Latvia was involved in various short term projects, bands & experiments. Also radioshow “VISIONS” on radio NABA (www.radionaba.lv) [2002-2008] Boy band Wheelchair Discotheque [2005-2007] Currently more or less active as Candy Covered Clown or Candy Covered Clowns Humiliat... Read More »

Carl Ludwig Hubsch’s Longrun Development Of The Universe

[img]http://modisti.org/cds/archivo/1803.jpg[/img] [stream]http://modisti.org/cds/archivo/1803.mp3[/stream] CD LR 525 – LEO RECORDS This CD is a brainchild of the tubist Carl Ludwig Hubsch who is one of the four composers on the recently released CD LR 513 James Choice Orchestra. Other members of the Hubsch’s trio are Matthias Schubert (tenor sax) and Wolter Wierbos (trombone). The hig... Read More »

Desohll: So)))hllitude

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1841.jpg[/img] [stream]http://www.archive.org/download/tmth-009/tmth-009-desohll-01-sohllitude.MP3[/stream] [tmth-009] Desohll was born after a ‘failed’ attempt to collaborate with an entity whose name shall remain a mystery. Thus, originally intended to be a duo, Desohll has evolved as a solo-project, dictated by the Gaian priest Joomoonaz. The ofte... Read More »

Hans Grüsel’s Kränkenkabinet : Blaue Blooded Türen

[img]http://modisti.org/cds/archivo/1513.jpg[/img] RSPT027 CD $10 Stare too long at Moog-master candymaker Hans Grüsel (his moustache a pair of clockhands!) and your seconds could be up. Return a smile from Gretel, you’ll end up in a grin that never fades! Safer to listen from here as the Kränkenkabinet chugs away, spawning a trap door here, slamming a finger there, daring consciousness to... Read More »

Scott Allison & Jeff Surak : All Violet

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1834.jpg[/img] All Violet is a collaboration between Scott Allison (sc.all) & Jeff Surak (Violet). Two live sets recorded October 3, 2004 at the 804noise Festival in Richmond, Virginia and February 6, 2005 at Electric Possible, George Washington University, Washington DC. Instruments used: record player, autoharp, prepared speakers, field recordings... Read More »

MATT WESTON:  not to be taken away

MATT WESTON: not to be taken away

  Percussionist-composer Matt Weston has collaborated with Arthur Brooks, Bill Dixon, Kevin Drumm, Paul Flaherty, Charles Gayle, Milford Graves, Le Quan Ninh, Bob Marsh, Jim ORourke, William Parker, Ken Vandermark, Jack Wright, and many others. His live performances have set a new standard for solo percussion. He has performed at venues as varied as the 3000-seat Riviera Theater in Chicago, t... Read More »

Ian D Hawgood – Her Name Was Frailty

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1826.jpg[/img] Runtime: 43’40” This is one of those releases that floods me with metaphorical insights. In the beauty of breakage we find some of the answers for our deepest questions. When something breaks, we are able to perceive it as what truly is, a collection of pieces of different shapes and sizes. Ian D Hawgood gives us four pieces of... Read More »

3 Rocks & a Sock : Merci de votre visite

3 Rocks & a Sock : Merci de votre visite

FATUM 007 steve dalachinsky (New-York) – voix & posie sbastien capazza – saxophone tnor didier lasserre – batterie Featuring NY poet Steve Dalachinsky on vocals, Sebastien Capazza on tenor sax and Didier Lasserre on drums. (…) Steve left us with copies of this fine disc, which features two French musicians, neither of whom I had heard of previously, recorded just one ye... Read More »

Jonathan Zorn & Rachel Thompson – The Tea Bazaar

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1821.jpg[/img] As the Frozen Elephants project starts into its 4th year of existence we proudly present a selection of works by the US composer & performer Jonathan Zorn, with three tracks developed in collaboration with Rachel Thompson (violin). Zorn and Thompson have been working together on collaborative & interactive works for strings and e... Read More »

V/A : may there be…

V/A : may there be…

  cs134 Une suite dimprovisations relativement courtes o dlicatement se mlent expriences acoustiques et llan lyrique… Exploratoire, grave, plutt sobre et multiple. Jerome Noetinger (Metamkine) O que seria de esperar do encontro de um casal de msicos e investigadores com actividade na electroacstica erudita, mas que em paralelo tem cultivado a improvisao, com uma parceria de pai e filho ... Read More »

Kortane Cortex , Ayato : CRASH #03

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1809.jpg[/img] [hak169] Enregistre et remixe par Ayato a la ferme Ta gueule le 9 aout 2008. Kortane Cortex : laptop Ayato : tourne disque > Artwork serie by Carlos Groenland. ? Download Cover Downloaded times.... Read More »

Luca Mauri : between love and hate

Luca Mauri : between love and hate

  cs137 an awesome debut by Luca Mari, the I/O band guitarist: elaborate doomy guitar-themed minimalism-drones, with quiet electro-acoustic pieces atmospheres and some abstract digitalia. As said, it’s awesome! #1 a quiet storm #2 decline of a beautiful face #3 pulse/loop #4 choke #5 all that remains Luca Mauri – guitar, ride, snare, crash, editing... Read More »

Double Blind : Wounded Speaker

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1797.jpg[/img]   On Saturday, March 1st, 2008, a few hours before the Midwest Phonographers Union planned to perform in the UWM Fine Arts Cinema, a JBL EON15 G2 loudspeaker began malfunctioning, emitting a low rumble of unknown origin. The fluctuating drone grew louder and sharper, punctuated by brief pops and glitches. Chris Delaurenti and John Kann... Read More »

Sylvain Gurineau : Dies Irae

Sylvain Gurineau : Dies Irae

  Amor Fati FATUM 013 Sylvain Gurineau, alto and baritone saxophone. There is more to come about Sylvain Gurineau, later. Here, he plays alto and baritone sax, solo, with a lot of chamber effect, as if he’s playing in a church or something, and that is correct, now that I check it, recorded on the 25th of October in the church of Saint Cme and Saint Damien in Luzarches in France. Don... Read More »

En Busca Del Pasto : Salami

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1789.jpg[/img] [rdm-083] (January 16, 2009) Improvisación grabada en directo en la presentación del proyecto Salami en la Escuela de Arte 10, Madrid, el 13 de junio de 2008. Salami es una creación de la Asociación Cultural Rotor 256. 1 Salami 43:39 ? Download Cover Cover Back CD Label Downloaded times. report broken link If you enjoyed this post, mak... Read More »

skozey fetisch : this, then

skozey fetisch : this, then

RSPT024 CD $10 Some reel-to-reel tape remnants and a Roland Jupiter 6 are all the equipment required for this disc by skozey fetisch, another Resipiscent release. Apparently the whole thing was recorded in some abandoned basement/spooky lair, but even if it was recorded by some babbling, spring-fed eden the feel is as grim as it comes. Split into eleven tracks that total nearly an hour, the disc i... Read More »

Mauro Graziani: S.N.O.W.

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1780.jpg[/img] Sound noise and other waves, heavy rain and light wind, loops like memory turning into immagination. S.N.O.W. is electronic elaboration of mental attitudes, transformation of mechanical materials. S.N.O.W. is sonic rapresentation of experience and dream, expression of a moment, through life memories and towards an immaginary future. S.N.O.... Read More »

Anthony Braxton Quartet ( Moscow ) 2008

Anthony Braxton Quartet ( Moscow ) 2008

  Performed in Moscow on June 29, 2008 with Anthony Braxton on sopranino, soprano, alto saxophone and contrabass clarinet, Taylor Ho Bynum on cornet, flugelhorn, piccolo and bass trumpets, Mary Halvorson on electric guitar and Katherine Young on bassoon, to the ecstatic Russian audience, this is one of the best Mr. Braxtons performances ever both in terms of music and quality of recording. If... Read More »

Jon 7 : Erschallend

Jon 7 : Erschallend

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1740.jpg[/img] “Erschallend” (german = pealing, ringing out) continues the long-form album theme, and picks up somewhat where “Dynamic Interference” left off. Both albums are an ocean of sorts, on this one, sounds wash by you the way they might if individual waves in the ocean were made from sound instead of water. This album main... Read More »

Mem1 – Stationary Drift

[img]http://modisti.org/netreleases/archivo/1721.jpg[/img] “Stationary Drift” by Mem1 (Mark and Laura Cetilia) is a calm and beautiful 4-track EP combining electronic sounds and cello to an organic musical symbiosis. This EP starts with “Hanging Valley”, a easeful and meditative piece, with soft droning cello sounds and electronic glitches like footsteps in the snow. “Accretion” begins... Read More »

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