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This week, I suggest, eat as follows: Monday: Eat powdered poached reconstituted potatos factory-packed in Europe. Tuesday: Eat poached biscuits that are not packaged in boxes. Wednesday: Eat blue fuzzy baked dumplings that are thrown away by others. Thursday: Get by on a little mustards that you bought at a discount. Friday: Eat a little poached blue noodle dishes that are imported from overseas.... Read More »

Last Chance to See Ingen Titel – This Week at Eyebeam:

This Week at Eyebeam:– Ingen Titel (Untitled) – ***LAST WEEK***– Eyebeam Call List – Help Wanted!- Nov. 3 – Art in the Contested CityUpcoming:– Nov. 10 – Upgrade! presents- Nov. 10-19 – Aphrodite Project at Interface and Society Conference 540 W. 21st Street (between 10th & 11th Aves) NYC Veronica SkogbergIngen Titel (Untitled)Thru Nov. 4, 2006Tu... Read More »

This Week at ROULETTE!!

ROULETTE Fall Concerts 2006 20 Greene St. (between Canal and Grand) 2 blocks west of Broadway 8:30 PM $15 at the Door Location One, Harvestworks, DTW members students, seniors: $10 Reservations: 212.219.8242 Roulette members free www.roulette.org www.location1.org Interviews with the Artists at Roulette?s new Blog!.. http://www.roulette.org/blog/index.php also..check out.. myspace.com/rouletteinte... Read More »

Interspecies Music and Communication Research Presents:

Interspecies Music and Communication Research Presents: St. Lawrence Belugas: These recordings were made during the summer of 1977, by Pierre Ouellet near Les Escoumins, in the Province of Quebec. The Belugas were always encountered in open water, 5 to 7 miles from shore. [First Part] These are the echolocation sounds of the Beluga. When this recording was made, the boat was surrounded by 20 to 30... Read More »

Trick or cell!

Trick or cell! First of november will the Cell compilation be online. Cell is an experimental music compilation guesting artists from all over the world who have created 12 auditions (ambient/noise) about cell. The cover drawing has been created by 108. This is a very special compilation for me (thanks to all you who are in the project), so I hope that you’ll enjoy as much as me. So stay tun... Read More »

REMINDER: reacTable lecture tonight

REMINDER: reacTable lecture STEIM presents a reacTable lecture by Martin Kaltenbrunner and Sergi Jord . The reacTable is a state-of-the-art multi-user electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving physical artefacts on the table surface and constructing different audio topologies in a ... Read More »

FOLDOVER playlist (September & October/2006)

FOLDOVER playlist for September & October 2006 – contact and submission information is listed at the bottom of this message. —————————- – playlist for Monday, September 25, 2006 Ivan Elezovic Almost there… Ivan Elezovic Do you remember? Joe Frawley Wilhelmina’s Dream (1914) Joe Frawley Agoraphobia Erdem Helvacioglu A... Read More »

Connexion Bizarre Newsletter 2006-10-30

Greetings, The info[at]connexionbizarre[dot]net ([email]info@connexionbizarre.net?subject=W.A.S.T.E. give-away[/email]) with your full name and street address. The winners will be selected randomly. Deadline for this giveaway is October 31stth, 2006. Not valid for current Connexion Bizarre staff members. Connexion Bizarre events status: “Dungeon Pop” @ Bar Justine 31/10, tuesday, 10.00... Read More »

PERFORMA NEWSLETTER: October / November 2006

PERFORMA NEWSLETTER OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2006 Melik Ohanian?s The Half Mast White Flag of Texas (2006), courtesy of the artist and Yvon Lambert THE WHITE ON WHITE PARTY A celebratory evening to benefit PERFORMA07 HONORARY CO-CHAIRS Mikhail Baryshnikov Yoko Ono Cindy Sherman Friday, November 3rd, 2006 VIP Reception 7-9 PM Party and Performances 9 PM-Midnight The Stephan Weiss Studio 711 Greenwich Str... Read More »

Lucky Thompson… Jimmy Lyons and Raphe Malik… Charlie Parker ..,

Still in France… the fleur de lys getting a little tattered… but just happened to carry a stash of music with me… and have access to the net thanks to my hostess and dear old friend Caroline… so some of the show can still roll… rested now and the addictions are tugging… and mellowed after a damn good meal… one of the local specialties: ‘Gangster Pat,... Read More »

Mil i una veus

[/url] Orquestra del Caos presenta Mil i una Veus (Mil y una Voces), una muestra digital de propuestas de Arte Sonoro relacionadas con los usos artsticos no convencionales de la voz humana, completada con los conciertos de David Moss y de Jos Iges con Pilar Subir y Pedro Lpez, adems de las colaboraciones de Bartolom Ferrando y Eduard Escoffet. Mil i una veus explora un nutrido conjunto de producci... Read More »

RE: Colabora en el Requiem GME DE CUENCA

podeis utilizar -para este evento- todas mis composiciones sonoras que encontrais en INTERNET (todavia hay muy poco material metido por all, pero es lo que puedo aportar por free..) salut: sukraM www.markus-breuss.com www.myspace.com/faktorbossar http://www.experimentaclub.com/data/markus_breuss/0index.htm http://www.experimentaclub.com/data/clonicos/0index.htm http://www.experimentaclub.com/data/... Read More »

Colabora en el Requiem GME DE CUENCA

Estimados colegas: Nos ponernos en contacto con ustedes para hacerles partcipes de un proyecto que estamos ultimando y solicitarle su permiso, autorizacin y/o colaboracin en un nuevo evento que pretendemos tenga lugar en Cuenca, CONIERTO PAISAJSTICO DE CAMPANAS Y ELECTROACSTICA EN LA HOZ DEL HUCAR.de CUENCA TOCATA Y FUGA DEL SENTIDO JURDICO COMN REQUIEM A LA DESAPARICIN DEL GME DE CUENCA. Contra e... Read More »

DENIS COLIN TRIO presente GWEN MATTHEWS au Theatre du Renard

DEMI-TARIF OFFERT AUX PERSONNES MUNIES DE CE TRACT (A IMPRIMER DONC !) . Le trio de Denis Colin reprend avec l’une des voix marquantes de Minneapolis, des chansons de la Great American Black Music, ainsi que quelques perles du rpertoire populaire US des vingt-cinq dernires annes : Nina Simone, Curtis Mayfield, Jimi Hendrix, Art Ensemble of Chicago, John Coltrane, Wyclef Jean, Sonny Rollins, ... Read More »

burkhard stangl & christof kurzmann

burkhard stangl & christof kurzmann

erstlive 003 (schnee_live) [2005, erstwhile] the third (and middle child, if you want) of the erstlive series, schnee_live documents the final set at 2004’s amplify festival. stangl and kurzmann‘s first meeting as a duo was the basis for the original schnee, all the way back in 2000; if you want a landmark, that’s roughly about the time that the japanese moved into tokyo’s ... Read More »

Autumnal Gusts Blow in Networked Collaboration

As the weather outside becomes a bit more nippy, this moment of seasonal change proves ripe for collaboration over the wires (i.e. from a nice indoor space). This was, in part, the inspiration for a new online, networked performance by UK artists Patrick Simons and Kate Southworth (of Glorious Ninth) and their collaborators Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett (of Furtherfield). Documentation of their pie... Read More »

Ab Baars Trio – 2X CD

Ab Baars Trio – 2X CD

Ab Baars Trio – 2X CD a major recording of music in the tradition of European avant jazz, this band brilliantly navigates the lines separating composition and improvisation. these fine, fine musicians play with rigor, finesse, gusto, humour, poise, dexterity, intellegence and playful glee. there is a wonderful sense of melody and lyricism through out, and the songs are so varied, so rich, an... Read More »

scrape scrape…

“beginning with a revolving” david kendall laptop/electonics bill hudson amplified saw/electronics johnny chang amplified violin/objects http://modisti.com http://modisti.com If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed!... Read More »

Call for works: the Sonorities Festival

Festival:Open Fader Call for works: the Sonorities Festival in Belfast invites composers and artists working with sound to submit works to be presented during Sonorities 2007. We are especially interested in works that challenge or expand the current vocabulary and practice of digital audio performance and composition. http://qub.ac.uk Important Dates Deadline for Submissions: 17th December 2006 F... Read More »

norcal noisefest

norcal noisefest

... Read More »

RE: bob bellerue

RE: bob bellerue

bob bellerue is a noise artist currently out of los angeles. his musical contributions can be found in redglaer (sometimes spelled as redglare as well), feed the dragon (with albert ortega [pictured in the feed the dragon review below], who performs as slujun or branches, and has worked with lee ranaldo, anla courtis (reynols) and leticia castaneda, among others), halfnormal and kilt (with raven c... Read More »


outermost side ef fects [2002, solipsism] sapporo (fine beer), japan’s kei yokota is a hard man to find information about on the internet. no pictures, no bio, no nuthin’. though i did find his address…what i do know about yokota is that he’s an experimental/noise artist, he’s also involved in electric sap (experimental), fat elvis and scab. atleast one of those is ro... Read More »

Obra electroacstica sobre atentado 11-M

La pera electroacstiva ?Trenes de Marzo?, sobre los atentados del 11 de marzo de 2004 en Madrid, inaugurar el 2 de noviembre la undcima edicin del Festival de Opera de Bolsillo y Nuevas Creaciones. Estar en el cartel de la Sala Beckett entre el 2 y el 4 de noviembre y da voz a las vctimas y a los terroristas, ha explicado a Efe Claudio Zulin, promotor del montaje . Idea original del compositor dan... Read More »

AMM in concert – London, UK: Thursday 9 November 2006

—————————— ongaku:enjoy_sound and INTERLACE present * AMM (Eddie Prevost and John Tilbury) * Tom Chant (saxophone), Ross Lambert (guitar,) Sebastian Lexer (piano, electronics), Matt Milton (violin) quartet * Jamie Coleman (trumpet), Seymour Wright (saxophone), Mark Wastell trio AMM, now the duo of Eddie Prevost (drums, percussion) and Joh... Read More »

Trick or Treat to Hallo-Win

According to artists Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, ‘once a year, at the stroke of midnight, the ancestors of Rich User Experiences raise from the grave.’ Apparently, this occurs sometime around Halloween, considering the holiday weekend over which IGAC (Girona Art Contemporani) decided to launch the duo’s newest web-based work, ‘Midnight.’ Despite the artists&#... Read More »

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