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Koji Asano Weekly "Free Download" Release No.008 & Radio Int

Download Koji Asano’s New Song For Free Every Wednesday – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – This Week’s New Release No.008 – Live at Metronom 2000 – ReEdition 2006 12’56” High Quality – Apple Lossless : 69.4 MB Lower Quality – A... Read More »

call for pd/osc on a wire xxxxx

xxxxx/world on a wire #N canvas 0 0 323 172 10; #X text 202 123; #X msg 120 31 node.l ->; #X obj 175 139 print; #X msg 279 153 world_on_a_wire ->; #X msg 222 108 ap ->; #X msg 167 104 pd ->; #X msg 148 82 osc ->; #X msg 126 55 xxxxx ->; #X connect 1 0 2 0; #X connect 3 0 2 0; #X connect 4 0 2 0; #X connect 5 0 2 0; #X connect 6 0 2 0; #X connect 7 0 2 0; open call for no fee/free... Read More »

dorkbotbcn>:::: Programa de prximo dorkbot este viernes da

“PLAiERiSM” LA PRXIMA EXPERIENCIA DORKBTICA Galera Metronom, C/ Fusina, 9, 08003 Barcelona 3 febrero 2006. Viernes. 17h-20h: Experiencia 20h-22h : Presentacin Dorkbot Barcelona Por fin estamos listos! El prximo evento tendr lugar este viernes 3 en Metronom. El formato ser diferente est vez. A partir de las 17h todos los visitantes tendrn la oportunidad de “cacharrear” con l... Read More »

Frankfurter Ahnung

Sonic Arts Network releases the latest instalment in the guest curated SAN CD publication series: Frankfurter Ahnung curated by Ben Watson Ben Watson ? Critic in his won lunchtime (opinions currently too crisp and mirthinducing for the actually-existing music press) ? has complied a CD of music which actually matters. Asked to explain himself, he shot back: ?My finelypressed gang of musical irrita... Read More »


Comrades! Zavoloka-AGF – Nature never produces the same beat twice /CD [ns44] is out now on Nexsound. This is a collaboration between ukrainian musician, producer and graphic designer KATERYNA ZAVOLOKA and german vocalist,poet, musician and producer AGF aka ANTYE GREIE. Packaged in rounded slipcase. for press release and beats go to: http://www.nexsound.org/ns44.html … /// www.nexsound... Read More »

concerts in Glasgow

Tuesday 7 & Wednesday 8 Feb Academy Concert Hall, 7.30 pm, 3 (RSAMD, 100 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G2 3DB) Tuesday 7 Feb acousmatic music on Glasgow’s biggest & best sound diffusion system Iain Armstrong – Matchine John Young – Pythagoras’ Curtain David Berezan – Baoding Gilles Gobeil – Le Vertige Inconnu Rodrigo Sigal – Friction of things in other p... Read More »

Philus on Miss Kittin’s Sonar CD

A track by Philus (aka Mika Vainio) is featured on Miss Kittin’s Sonar CD, but I’m quite sure its genre is not “electro house/electroclash”… -pH(-I-Loose) — MISS KITTIN/VARIOUS – Live At Sonar Format: mixed CD Label: Novamute Cat Number: NOMU 164CD Released: 30th January, 2006 Genre: Electro house/electroclash 1. Tim Hecker – “Azure Azure”... Read More »

Kirlian Crossing – Acid Test Reels

http://www.verdurarecords.com/kirliancrossing Kirlian Crossing – acid test reels Acid test reels is a series of free downloadable records made from recorded improvisations of Kirlian Crossing. Each release will be available for download for a period of one month. The downloaded file is a .zip package including a .wav file for cd-r burning, .mp3 file for free internet distribution and a print... Read More »

Nam June Paik (1032 – 2006)

Nam June Paik (1032 – 2006) Buscando otra cosa, y todava con la taza de caf en la mano, me he topado con esto en la web de Sinapsis . Joder qu pena. Ha muerto Nam June Paik El artista coreano, nacionalizado estadounidense, falleci el domingo en su casa de Miami. Paik destac por sus trabajos en video, en televisin y otros media. Destacado miembro de Fluxus, su obra constituye una de las refer... Read More »


Apologies for cross posting Performance in Toronto by GFR-related side project Sounds of North American Adult Bookstores http://www.geocities.com/gastric_influence ~~~ FEBRUARY 7th at GRAFFITI’s: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Blah Blah 666 and Sounds of North American Adult Bookstores!! at 9pm for the very low price of PWYC. : an evening of ramshackle schlocker battery, mangh travel score-ke... Read More »


A huge loss. Details here: http://edition.cnn.com/2006/US/01/30/obit.paik.ap/index.html __ __ __ __| o __ _|_ o | ) ) (__) (__| | __) |_, | http://modisti.com http://modisti.com If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed!... Read More »

RE: Sound Performance charles stankievech Fwd:

Charles Stankievech interpreting Alvin Lucier’s “I am sitting in a room” … Exploring the Architecture of Transparency: Kleinnian feedback loops in the Black Box (8.1 system) January 26th + 27th, 7pm performances Black Box . BB2 (Second Basement) . Concordia University Engineering . Computer Science + Visual Arts Complex (EV) 1515 St. Catherine W. Montral (see link for invit... Read More »

Sound Performance charles stankievech Fwd:

Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 23:08:01 -0800 (PST) From: charles stankievech <thecryingroom@yahoo.com> Subject: Sound Performance ++++++++++++ Charles Stankievech interpreting Alvin Lucier’s “I am sitting in a room” … Exploring the Architecture of Transparency: Kleinnian feedback loops in the Black Box (8.1 system) January 26th + 27th, 7pm performances Black Box . BB2 (Secon... Read More »

concerts with alcides lanza

Samedi/Saturday, February 4, 2006 20 hrs. Bradyworks Ensemble: “Le Jazz, le minimalisme et la guitare lectrique rencontrant la musique contemporaine” Works by Andriessen, Frehner, Freedman, Kambeitz, lanza, Burton and Voorvelt. premire of alcides lanza’s …como voces lejanas…{2006-I], for chamber ensemble, with voices, electroacoustic music and digital signal processin... Read More »

K.M.Krebs – new online release on con-v

“rien a voir 15” is the brand new two track online ep by this well-known Canadian sound artist: ‘Absolutely Ignorant’ was inspired by an excerpt from the Venerable Bede’s work ” Ecclesiastical History of the English People” which focuses on the ultimate fallibility of human knowledge concerning the fundamental questions that confront us. “As Red as R... Read More »

the PiNG presents iomedia jan 31st toronto canada

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THiS Tuesday, January 31st . iomedia (Neil Wiernik, Mantissa, Rob Cruickshank, Dafydd Hughes, Len Goins, Michael Trommer, Oliver Heinrich, David McCallum, VJ Nokami and Ben Bogart) iomedia is a collaborative collective of sound and video artists exploring real-time performance in an improvised construction that is reminiscent of... Read More »

META.morfosis — GRACIAS!

META.morfosis — GRACIAS! [IMG] http://metamorfosis.risco.pt/MtMusic.html we did our best and hope to continue this way to complete an ambituous project like META.morfosis next steps: 1) a window to META.morfosis exhibition at ARCO 06 (Madrid) — 09-13 Feb 2) presentation of the META.morfosis 290 pp catalogue at ARCO 06 (Madrid) — 09 Feb 3) Museo Chicote, Saturday, 11 Feb, 10h30: b... Read More »

V O C I D A L L ‘ A L D I L I I, (10-17- 24 -) 31 gennai

M u s e o i n t e r n a z i o n a l e e b i b l i o t e c a d e l l a M u s i c a d i B o l o g n a p r e s e n t a V O C I D A L L ‘ A L D I L I I . . . u n a r a s s e g n a d i f i l m , u n ” v i a g g i o n e l l a m e m o r i a ” , s u c o m p o s i t o r i s c o m p a r s i c h e c o n t i n u a n o a r i m a n e r e t r a n o i . . . u n p r o g e t t o d i A n g e l i c ... Read More »

MADRID ABIERTO 06: Ciclo de mesas de debate

<http://w3art.es> difusion profesional para la ::comunidad artistica:: MADRID ABIERTO 06: Ciclo de mesas de debate *Del 1 al 26 de febrero. Punto de informacin: Centro Cultural de la Villa. Jardines del Descubrimiento, s/n. www.madridabierto.com <http://www.madridabierto.com>* *Ciclo de mesas de debate: Intercambios: experiencias y estrategias artsticas sobre el espacio pblico. Lugar: ... Read More »



BURST: outward SOUND & Vision FESTIVAL I Feb 17-19, 2006 Lon

BURST: outward SOUND & Vision FESTIVAL I an immersive experience for the eyes, ears and beyond Friday, Saturday & Sunday, February 17 – 19, 2006 Evening Performances 8 PM Mocha Shrine Centre 468 Colborne Street London, ON $10 in advance $ 12 at the door, $ 20/series Tickets: Belle Air Music, Village Idiot, Grooves & at the door Workshops – Saturday & Sunday 2 PM Admissi... Read More »

NEW: Rosenau/Schoenecker/Wincek ARCHIVE: Glenn Bach

–+–+–+– NEW RELEASE at Stasisfield.com: + sf-5001 : Gie him strong drink until he wink, That’s sinking in despair; An’ liquor guid to fire his bluid, That’s prest wi’ grief and care: There let him bouse, an’ deep carouse, Wi’ bumpers flowing o’er, Till he forgets his loves or debts, An’ minds his griefs no more. : C. Rosenau, ... Read More »

new demo videos with LiVES

Hi, on this page, you can see what a professional VJ can do with LiVES: http://www.vjpixel.net The first video, O Solar de Atom, shows a performance with LiVES and other software, edited with kino (the original video), gimp (credits) and LiVES (post production). Second piece, 4 dancers was made and edited entirely with LiVES. Enjoy ! Gabriel. http://lives.sf.net __ __ __ __| o __ _|_ o | ) ) (__) ... Read More »

Mate Newsletter February 2006 (fwd)

Mate Newsletter February 2006 + + + + + + We made it through, so here’s for 2006…happy new year! Roger ‘Kids And Thieves’ 12″ and Boys ‘Why Do You Love Me’ 7″ available now from Piccadilly Records. Due some less than amuzing manufacturing delay the 12″ will finally hit the rest of the UK shops by the mid February, and BoS 7″ some time in ... Read More »

tourdates, releases, charts, and links

KARRI O. http://www.karri-o.net UPCOMING GIGS ——————————————————————— ——- Feb 04: Minimal Music, Tbingen, Germany (DJ+live) Mar 24: Dclic, Lige, Belgium (live) Mar 25: Cologne, Germany (?) UPCOMING RELEASES ——————&... Read More »

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