Revista En el límite – Escritos sobre Arte y Tecnología

Esta publicación anual tiene las siguientes características 1) Cada número tiene un tema que es abordado por los distintos autores …
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Ulysses Syndrome Nuit Blanche

Ulysses Syndrome performed live in Jardins du Trocadero for La Nuit Blanche, Paris. October 2nd, 2010. Film by Xavier Arias …
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No description available

Hole by anbis …
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VIPCANCRO – Tropico – 2010 CD lisca007

“Tuscan improvising quartet VipCancro are an intriguing new prospect who produce, on this their third album, a scything cacophony of …
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CeC & CaC (pronounced “Sek & Sak”) is an annual global occasion to collectively seek out, manifest, learn from, connect with …
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BS036 Speculativism – Glitchy Bricolage

Glitchy Bricolage, an album by Speculativism (AKA Peter-David Smith) 01 – Glitchy Bricolage 02 – Angular Blues 03 – Beneath …
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Astro Twin with dj sniff

Ars Electronica Golden Nica winner (’03) Astro Twin (Ami Yoshida & Utah Kawasaki) with dj sniff 19 September 2010 STEIM, …
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Crónicast 068, Durán Vázquez

Live recording of Durán Vázquez in the context of Tan inauditos!! (So unheard!!) performances at Casa das Atochas, A Coruña …
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Eppur si Muove protest / protesta

In recent years, musicians who work in the field of experimental music,
sound art, free improvisation etc. , in other words, …
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Die Schrauber / Ignaz Schick + Mat Pogo / Julian Bonequi / JD Zazie —- 05.12.2010 Berlin

DIE SCHRAUBER Hans Tammen. Endangered guitar / sound processing Joker Nies. Omnichord / modified electronics Mario de Vega. Mics / …
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Ne Pas Plier . International Email Audio Art Project

The Homemade Music Movement has grown from the roots of the Mail Art Movement, and in order to pay due …
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Phirnis – Sandsturm

Produced in November 2010. Sandsturm by Phirnis High quality mp3 download available from phirnis.de. The accompanying image pictures a sandstorm …
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