Crónicast 069, MDMME

Live recording of MDMME in the context of Tan inauditos!! (So unheard!!) performances at Casa das Atochas, A Coruña city, …
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Zeitkratzer: Alvin Lucier [Old School 3]

Alvin Lucier (1931-) 1.- Fideliotrio 12:10 2.- Music For Piano With Magnetic Strings 13:21 3.- Silver Streetcar For The Orchestra …
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ICMC 2011 call of works

We invite the submission of music and papers exploring the intersection of music technology research and computer music creation, under …
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Remix Luc Ferrari: Proposal to composers

To composers who wish to compose with some of Luc Ferrari’s sound archives or to use them in their musical …
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noish . aqhg

Coded, edited and mixed at Txucrut Studio BCN. Field recordings, synthesis, diy software pure data Experimental generative techniques for composing …
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eppur si muove entrevistas en video / video interviews

We will start a series of video interviews with people who want to express their views on this subject. If …
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International Email Audio Art Project Volume 3

The Homemade Music Movement has grown from the roots of the Mail Art Movement, and in order to pay due …
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Candle-powered Wii-hacked Turntable Demo

The ECC is in Warsaw, Poland on residency at CCA/CSW in Ujazdowski Castle and conducting new experiments… I had this …
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Pierre Berthet – Extended Drops

From July 1st to September 12th 2010 Belgian sound artist Pierre Berthet exposed his work Extended Drops at Singuhr Hörgalerie …
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Ben Baker-Smith / Evan Kühl . Vaudeo Signal

A 31 minute album of sound and light recorded by Ben Baker-Smith and Evan Kühl in late summer 2010. Vaudeo …
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VOICE . Vocal Aesthetics in Digital Arts and Media

Voice has returned to both theoretical and artistic agendas. In the digital era, techniques and technologies of voice have provoked …
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Noish~ :: “AQHG” ::…> net/cdr …::>uzusounds<::…

Noish~ ::”AQHG”::…> UZUCDR-10 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::track_A__________13:43 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::track_B__________14:11 Uzusounds >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>http://www.uzusounds.com Net//Cdr label managed by Aurel {zorei}, where you can find people like Kenji …
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