JesterN . Les Retours Des Oiseaux


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A breathless sound suddenly sucks us back from the abyss of our timeless sleep

Bird chantings, the ambassadors of morning, mark as in primordial times, the birth of a new day: the first evidence of creation and the existence of things.

Long voices superimpose to build streams and structures, multiplicity and form. The voicings become shorter and unorganised, splitting into different directions, until the embryo of time and rhythm emerge. It’s no coherent construction: Individuality arises at the cost of noise It struggles to find a balance in its development: It crumbles and builds again and again.

Numerous attempts are needed for a regular temporal grid to emerge: A logical structure that supports our creations, a common ground that stimulates the exchange of a code for interaction and communication

The individuals find the ability to build together; they discovered their functionality as a group The ecstatic climax of construction ends in a phase of peace. No grid is needed anymore. The temporal structure dissolves into a free flow. Time is not a menace. It’s just a human concept we can use to interpret ourselves and inspire our lives.

Freed from interpretations we embrace the unity and imperfection of things as the only reality.

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This album is inspired (and dedicated) to O. Messiaen [1908-1992]. It began as a philological investigation into the French composer’s aesthetics. We took his cosmology as starting point for our sonic exploration. The project evolved into a quadraphonic live audio-visual performance.

Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN – Production, Composition, Real-time electronic sound manipulation

Flavio Zanuttini – Composition, Flugelhorn

Recorded by JesterN at the Institute of Sonology Royal Conservatoire, Den Haag, The Netherlands on 24 an 25 April 2014.
Mixed by JesterN at Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium on 28 and 29 January 2014.
Mastered by Erik Nystrom.

Artwork by Dennis Hlynsky


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stereo, quadraphonic, 5.1 surround