Florian Hartlieb . Quadrosonic

Florian Hartlieb explores the concept of multi-dimensional sonic spaces. His works are mostly created through transformed and concrete fieldrecordings, realised with multichannel audio and dialectic patterns.
This record contains three of his acousmatic works for a quadrophonic speaker setup, “Im vorderen Zimmer des hinteren Raums”, “Bei offenem Fenster” and “Caladan”.
All three works has been awarded with different international composition prices, such as JTTP 2009, Atmosphären (2013) and European Erasmus Composition Competition (2013).

Quadraphonic version

Im vorderen Zimmer des hinteren Raums:

The piece „Im vorderen Zimmer des hinteren Raums“ is an interplay between electroacoustic composition and radio-play art.
There are five concrete scenes (bathroom, kitchen, playground, metro, forest), the order of which makes certain narrative sense.
In the intersections between the scenes, single sounds of the scenarios are alienated and musically assimilated to create surreal
sound worlds.
The intermixture of these sound worlds and the concrete scenes shall produce a tension between clear connotations and oneiric patterns and should lead the listener to constant questioning of what he has just heard.

Bei offenem Fenster:

“Bei offenem Fenster” is an auditive portrait of the city Vienna. Typical Viennese Soundmarks, like the bells of the Karlskirche or the clip-clopping of the Fiaker, are the source material for the piece,
which appears in concrete and abstracted form.
The mixture between the real and the surreal soundworld associate a daydream-like acoustic perception of the city.


Electroacoustic Audio-Fiction in three movements

1. Landing (3′ 21”)
2. Exploration (2′ 40”)
3. Encounter (5′ 07”)

At an unknown time,
in an undated year,
a no further defined species encounters an undiscovered planet

Commercial Release

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