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“Tu fuego / Your fire” Electroacoustic composition for video and 4 tape channels. Duration: 9:24 Human hands have refined their performance through the history of civilization to reach a point where we are able of handling almost all the forces of nature. The question of whether we are able to assume such responsibility exists, primarily because we basing our lives on our emotions. So in an outburst whole cities have been destroyed, or majestic skyscrapers have risen, sometimes driven by the same emotions that make us react to personal situations, but on a massive scale.
Your fire is about human power of handling (though not always for the better) the world around us. Everything starts with a flame. and then the consummation is matter of time. On a personal level, your fire ponders our ability as individuals to create: create art, create a relationship, creating objects that are useful, create pleasures and even create our destruction.



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