This collection of sounds was created from sine waves.
The sine waves were altered only by changing equalization (EQ changes, and/or low & hi pass filtration), and dynamics (volume, panning and compression). Occasionally the sounds were overdriven. The intent was to move as far away from the base frequency as possible, to explore overtones and whatever other sound artifacts could be found in repeated equalization treatments. Each track is titled after the frequency of the original sine wave. The starting frequencies were chosen at random by asking friends of mine on Twitter for numbers between zero and twenty-thousand, they did not know why I asked for these numbers, but they offered them nevertheless.

The word in Arabic on the front cover is “jiba”. A mistranslation of this word into English lies at the root of the etymology of the word “sine”. An appropriate word to include in these mistranslations of sine waves.

It may be that this collection of pure electronic sound is viewed as something interesting to listen to, or perhaps even better as a resource for creating new music, possibly as a set of impulses for a modular synth, or a set of sound sources for new compositions. Listeners, please consider yourselves welcome to these pieces for any such purpose (in accordance with the CC license of course).

I recommend listening to this on external speakers rather than on headphones. Stand close in front of the speakers and move your head around to hear phase effects.

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