“Scelsi Remix: 7 Mantras” was composed in April 2010 as a collection of seven short quadraphonic interludes to interweave a monographic concert program of the ensemble S@x 21 (saxophonists Pablo Coello and Rafa Yebra) with music of the Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988).

The 7 Mantras are related to the 7 Chackras of the Hindu tradition, each one associated with a different color whose light frequency has been transposed down to the audible range to serve as the fundamental tone to each of the 7 short pieces here presented.

For this release, I prepared them together, so they now constitute a single, gapless piece. In order to remain as faithful as possible to the original composition and to the space in which it was played, this release is mixed down to stereo using binaural technology, therefore it is best rendered when listening to it with headphones.

Ángel Faraldo

Track list:

1- Lam (3’37)
2- Mam (2’12)
3- Ram (2’07)
4- Yam (2’36)
5- Ham (1’32)
6- Om (2:02)
7- Aum (3:41)

Total duration: 17’47
format: mp3 320 kbps
Observations: Binaural recording.



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