Diushi Keri & Arín Dodó – Degeneración Progresiva II

Free improvisation Diushi Keri: saxo, batería, teclados J.G. Entonado (a.k.a. Arín Dodó): voz, guitarra, bajo, trompeta, trombón, percusión, trompa     INSERT PLAYER IN YOUR PAGE ...
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Martin Back – Cthonic Hymnal

Cthonic Hymal, 2014 This work is a lament.  A lament for what, exactly, I am unsure.  I composed this work after discovering ...
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Hado Navarro – Sonic decartography

An exploration of the cognitive process of the audition vinculated to the speed and saturation of various and continous sounds, ...
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JesterN . Les Retours Des Oiseaux

A breathless sound suddenly sucks us back from the abyss of our timeless sleep Bird chantings, the ambassadors of morning, mark ...
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Hado Navarro . sonorus diary

some experiments with cross synthesis and many other alterations INSERT PLAYER IN YOUR PAGE Download Downloaded times. report broken link ...
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Marc Egea . Alba

17 electroacoustic compositions based on phenomena and nature landscapes. were composed in Labuerda (Pyrenees of Huesca, Spain) the summers of 2012 and ...
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Weronika Partyka – André Darius . Subconscious city

This is the meeting between a Slavic soul and a monk with no religion. Weronika Partyka with AndrÈ Darius propose ...
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martin rach : borrowed improvisations

Recorded during my stay in Bjoa, Norway, August 2014. Instruments: organ, drum kit and Zoom H4n. INSERT PLAYER IN YOUR PAGE Download Downloaded ...
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Mark Hannesson . dust

Voices in the silence. The speech of philosophers, children and rebels: abstracted. INSERT PLAYER IN YOUR PAGE Download Downloaded times. report ...
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Arín Dodó – Degeneración Progresiva

Sigue los truenos sonoros que te propone la fábula de Arín Dodó y entrarás en un mundo donde el caos ...
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madamme cell . Anchored in the Future

Anchored in the Future (algorithmic  pop) by madamme cell a (de)generative popnoise no laptop maximall  room session made in real time  with a ...
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Hado Navarro . Tranzestauexprs

Experimental by sample manipulation INSERT PLAYER IN YOUR PAGE Download Downloaded times. report broken link ...
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