The silences speak )))


“The silences speak, the slightest noise, the creased paper, the
crackle of a step and our ears seem for the first time to listen”
wrote Pierre Schaeffer.

Broadcasting sometimes falls over in the art, and it’s what the
Phonurgia Nova Awards testifies since 1986 : the loss of sight is a
“poetic engine” which is not ready to stop to inspire new authors.

At Arles we award authors of fiction, features, phonographies or
audio art pieces for whom the writing is an ever finished formal
adventure. As declared by Daniel Deshays, chief of the jury, the
Phonurgia Nova Awards is “less an academy of the sound art than an
observatory of what appears “.

The entrance is free and the public who gets involved in the jury is
invited to listen to and to discuss the works in competition. Cards
are not known in advance. The jury is wide and often shared. It’s a
springboard: new names, new forms appear year after year.

The whole sound planet meet : 179 works from 11 countries were in
competition in 2009, 2 authors were awarded : Joaquin Cofreces
(Argentina) and Alessandro Bosetti (Germany, Deutschlandradio kultur,
Berlin). And for the Pierre Schaeffer award : Sebastien Peter (Weimar
Bauhaus University, Germany), Caroline Bastin (Insas, Belgium) and
Elise Andrieu (France, France-Culture). You can listen to them on our
partner web site Liberation ( www.liberation.fr/culture/06011513-media).

– The last Voice, de Joaquin Cofreces (Argentine), 7’00”
Une oeuvre sonore imaginaire ancrée dans le réel

– Léandre, de Daniel Martin-Borret (France), 9’44”
Une fiction minimaliste

– Measures of control, de Hanna Hartman (Allemagne), 8’00”
Des silences qui n’en sont pas

– Mosquito, de Olivier Toulemonde (Belgique), 16’40”
Un documentaire en forme d’enquête sonore

– Gdansk Shipyard, de Malgorzata Zerwe et Jaroslaw Zorn (Pologne), 7’40”
Evocation industrielle des chantiers navals de Gdansk

This year again, winning producers will receive 3 prizes of 2000
euros. And winning programs (and their producers!) will be celebrated
at an Awards ceremony in Paris at IRCAM in january 2011.

Other outsanding entries from the competition will be presented on
the monthly program of the fine arts Museum in Arles and broadcast by
our radio partners.

Deadline of registration : October 15th 2010 (post marked)

>>>> Complete rules and registration form for the prizes to be
downloaded on www.phonurgia.org

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