“Voida Voida” exhibition at Le Petit Mignon


“Marlon Brando, wedged into a rowing boat made from his own coffin. Naked except for an adult nappy, his flesh is waxy. He rows out to the centre of his private lake, marshmallow hills loom over the still waters.

Occasionally a mosquito lands on Marlon, its filament legs sinking into his body, it’s proboscis sucking up his milkshake plasma. Marlon doesn’t swat these creatures, instead he watches them with a parents love and envies their simple pleasures. He know he can never be as easily sated as them, his emptiness is far too extreme. He knows the irony that the more he consumes to try and fill his emptiness the more bulk he has to pull around and the more…

Thoughts drift back to the legions of sycophants that would carry him aloft. Each with a hand under his arm or leg or his torso, carrying him around, to nowhere.

He liked the feeling of being carried as he watched the flies and watched the clouds and watched the sky. Even better if it was raining, ice cream in a copper tub, his spoon is made of gold. Food and money brings him more flesh, more flesh to drag through the void.

28 artists from across the planet fill the void in their own unique ways.

crippaXXXalmqvist, Paul O’ Connell, Zeke Clough, Laura O,  Mathieu Desjardins, Noémie Barsolle, Lili Zerriss Konishchev, Terri Affleck, Chris Mostyn, Gaiihin Guin, Gareth Howls, Fufu Frauenwahl, Dennis Fuchs, Sean Aaberg, Sean Duffield, Dominic Beattie, Guillaume Soulatges, Zven Balslev, David Paleo, Jarvis Maul, Uland, Judy Goreland, Sylvain Gérand, Andre Lemos, Tony Burhouse, Aeron Alfrey, Marc Van Elburg

When the fetus’s have ridden off into the sunset on their tampon hobby-horses, we are left with the afterbirth of the Voida Voida exhibition and three-part zine slowly oozing down the walls of Le Petit Mignon.”

Exhibition duration: 27 August – 22 September 2010

Exhibition opening & artbook presentation + 2 concerts on Friday, August 27th, 19:00/7pm
(concerts start at 21:00/9pm sharp!)


Edited by: www.zekeclough.com
About the concerts (August 27th, 21:00/9pm sharp):
-Blenno Und Die Wurstbrücke
info at: www.staalplaat.wordpress.com

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