framework 2010.08.15 (summer repeat)


we started off this edition with a classic recording that’s been in our ‘to play’ pile for a very, very long time, michael prime‘s opening to his 1996 disc cellular radar, finis terra.  this led us through several new releases on helen scarsdaleand the reappeared kaon, one unreleased work, and one new to me (87 central‘s 2001 cd formation.  bruno moreigne‘s kaon disc, locus niger, is an interesting exercise in minimal sourcing – his heavily treated works from virtually silent ambient geographical recordings (ranging from sources such as tien anmen square to the world trade centre pre-9/11, to various historical sites throughout the french countryside) led me to believe before reading the liner notes that the disc might be entirely comprised of synthetic sound.  post-reading, however, the traces of weather patterns, bird and insect song, etc, do begin to reveal themselves…

coming up in the near future: framework will be featuring a segment over several shows spotlighting compositions by some young artists learning about field recording and it’s expressive possibilities on a course with the great chris watson.  we will also soon be featuring an exclusive composition by m. behrens made with sounds of the resonancefm studios themselves.

lastly a plug for a great radio project:  phonographic migrations 3: soundscapeFM is up and running now, broadcasting on the net and on 94.6 fm in straslund, germany .  for more info, or to have a listen, go here:  http://www.soundscape-fm.net/

framework intro  /  logoplasm

a beautifully constructed intro involving crisp rain, passing traffic, breath and wind from this italian duo and purveyors of the s’agita recordings label


michael prime  /  finis terra  /  cellular radar  /  mycophile

a glorious classic swirling of acoustic events, breath and electricity from this 1996 release

87 central  /  fire  /  formation  /  staalplaat

deep rumbles, no-input sound generation, and the fine cracklings of flames and ash


fAb  /  tiempu ca era, tiempu pi crae  /  –  /  –

unreleased minimal work from this new italian artist – field recordings, radio frequencies and objects in a long slow-forming atmosphere

coelacanth  /  –  /  mud wall  /  helen scarsdale agency

duo of loren chasse and jim haynes sounding rust and static into fields of acoustic buzzing energy


irr.app.(ext.)  /  ozeanische gefühle  /   ozeanische gefühle  /  helen scarsdale agency

oceanic indeed – spectacularly epic composition tying together the grandest of weathers with the smallest of sonic resonances


bruno moreigne  /  sileo

/  -

/  oradour

/  –            /  locus niger   /  kaon

two examples of moreigne’s reworkings of locational recordings followed by their source recordings on the relaunched kaon records



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