Zepelim – Misophonia

Zepelim - Misophonia

This installment of Zepelim is an obsessive exploration of easily overlooked daily sounds like lip smacking, chewing, breathing, sniffling, coughing and sneezing. For some of us, these sounds might be annoying to hear, but for a small discrete population, they are sudden triggers of aggressive impulses and fight/flight responses. This condition has been named Misophonia and is a form of decreased sound tolerance characterized by highly negative reactions to the experience of hearing specific sounds. Misophonia has only recently started to be recognized by the mental health community and has just been given media attention for the first time. In this hour, Zepelim will present a sound-collage and media-ventriloquism of several reports on the subject of Misophonia alongside pieces by composers who work with sounds that could trigger episodes of profound distress.


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