Short Poems From The Diaries Of The Great Migration

“Short Poems from the Diaries of the Great Migration”, arose from the inspiration of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Angel Sanchez Cervera, Emiliano Pietrini and Imi Gavin, is a deeply experimental work…. it bears within itself echoes of music, silence, visions, noise, isolationism, theater, poetry …. a marriage of arts, styles and shapes which form an essential and perfectly amalgamated unity!!! Its sound is difficult to describe, but it carves the image of a deserted road through visions of an oneiric universe, with a small sentient transmitting device trapped in the centre, calling out it’s lonely meaning to any who will listen, wanting nothing more than an end to it’s solitude. Yet, on your discovery of the box, you are taken away, hypnotically entranced into the device’s mind. You find yourself flying above the earth’s atmosphere on a sound wave, through space, underwater, to unimaginable places, before finally finding yourself away from everything that is know, sailing home on a ghost ship, called by the transmitter….. in a circle of eternity!!!


Music Written and Composed by: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Angel Sanchez Cervera and Emiliano Pietrini

Acting Voice by: Imi Gavin

Cover art and graphic Design by: Emiliano Pietrini

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