Two new releases: Alexander Rishaug’s “Ma.Org Pa.Git” and “Ma.Org Pa.Git Re.Mx”

Crónica is very happy to announce two new releases by Alexander Rishaug, the limited-edition LP “Ma.Org Pa.Git” and the remix album “Ma.Org Pa.Git Re.Mx” both now available from Crónica and
Ma.Org Pa.Git is the fifth solo release from Norwegian sound artist and experimental musician Alexander Rishaug, exploring the space, the acoustics and the mechanics of a church organ, and the hiss, overtones and feedback of an old tube amp and electric guitar. The album consist of two long duration pieces that were recorded in the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in January 2012, and edited, mixed and digitally processed in Brugata and studio oran/zen in Berlin. Even though the material is heavily processed and recomposed, the overall feeling is genuinely spacious and acoustic.

Ma.Org Pa.Git is available as a limited edition of 200 copies, 180g vinyl, and as a digital download.

Ma.Org Pa.Git by Alexander Rishaug

In parallel to Ma.Org Pa.Git, the remix album Ma.Org Pa.Git Re.Mx features an international selection of sound artists and their interpretations of Rishaug’s compositions.

Alexander Rishaug invited artists that have been an inspiration or that influenced his work from early involvement in the experimental music scene in the mid-nineties until present. Norwegian and Oslo-based Svalastog, Dutch and Rotterdam-based Machinefabriek, Icelandic Curver, Japanese and Tokyo-based Tetsuro Yasunaga and Sakana Hosomi, member of SND and UK-based Mark Fell, Belgian-based Köhn, Norwegian-based and member of Alog, Espen Sommer Eide alias Phonophani, Canadian-based Loscil, Japanese and Kanazawa-based Asuna and Australian-based Seaworthy.

Ma.Org Pa.Git Re.Mx is available as a digital download directly from, iTunes, Boomkat, and other selected outlets.

Ma.Org Pa.Git Re.Mx by Alexander Rishaug

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