The Spark of Omnipotence by René Muñoz Córdova

The Spark of Omnipotence by René Muñoz Córdova

The Spark of Omnipotence
by René Muñoz Córdova
Stochastic, atonality, minimalism, organic textures, field recordings, voices, poetry, spectralism, all them are the core of composition model of the work “The Spark of Omnipotence”, in which the composer, through electronic and digital manipulation of sonic elements has manageds to conceive a complex and innovative acousmatic work which leads us towards a deep musical universe.

The Spark of Omnipotence is divided in two musical pieces; the first composition has a higher degree of emphasis around the analysis of the sound spectrum of the sonic, in which components that tend to be sequential are developed on a cluster tonal.

The second composition has a greater emphasis on digital manipulation of the sound spectrum and with the frequency modulation and time dilation of the various sound elements, in which priority is given to hold the harmony between dissonance and consonance.



released 23 September 2015

Produced, mixed and mastered using Pure Data, Alsa Modular Synth, Ardour and Audacity.
Composed and produced by René Muñoz Córdova.
Cover art and poetry by René Muñoz Córdova.

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Advice for optimal results:
The format most suitable for listening to this musical style is a high-fidelity format such as WAV, FLAC or MP3 320 kbps through headphones.

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