André D. and Hervé Perez are very pleased to present their new release ‘The Bridge’.thebridge

This album is a collaboration that bridges distances between two countries. With a long history of telematic improvisation and various types of collaborations, André and Hervé exchanged improvisations via file transfer and around a few takes, the structure of the album took place. Building brick after brick, with some electro-acoustic elements, processing and sculpting, inspired new sounds and, from simple solo recordings improvised miles away, the work started to come together revealing the spirit ingrained in every aspect of the sound.

Sound is very much at the centre of this work as André explores the deep textures and varied timbres of his EUB. Hervé layers harmonics with the alto, building overtones into the fleshy bass. Extended techniques and microsounds, close interactions and deep listening reveal both player’s experience of the free improv discourse while also exploring other aspects of new music; from the electro-acoustic tradition to experimental electronic cut ups, all the way to jazz with the right amount of melody thrown in.

This work is rich and will captivate the listener through multiple listening, revealing layer after layer the depth of emotions packed in the details of the unique sonic world created here.



released 06 May 2015

André Darius
electric bass, eub, objects, voice
Hervé Perez
alto sax, drums (on 02 and 04), field recordings, processing and sound design, arrangements, mastering

guest Peter Fairclough
drums on 03 and 06

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sound artist, composer, improviser

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