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The XSL started with the idea of integrating social creativity in the compositional process. The aim is to develop a culture of interaction and exchange and to raise a creative community striving for innovation; thus facilitating the emergence of new ideas.

The XSL project compiled sounds from more than 50 artists around the world, thereby developing a sound library for the production of the album. Sounds were made available online for free and after three months the open collaboration closed with 37 entries, from which we made a selection for the compilation.

The sound collection includes recordings from sound installations, the new instrument Arpasauro inspired by harp and organ, underwater recordings with a custom made hydrophone, field-recordings of wild insects, frogs, rain, thunderstorms, sea waves, planes, machines, samples of ceramics, stones, household percussion, vinyl crackle, a clavichord, a violin, a japanese choir, a vocal of a poem, analog synthesizers, drones, pads, sci-fi soundscapes…
released 18 May 2015

Sounds by Hen Lovely Bird, Arnold Brooks, Davic Nod, Giuseppe Gavazza, Justin Gregoire, Pluja de Metall, Vertical Noise, Kyle Evans, Katarrhaktes, Jef Aerts, Clicks & Keys, Toko Okuda, Hans-Henning Korb, Chang Park, Kate Sweater, Robert Vodanovi?, Skywire, Spencer Hutchinson, Turner Gillespie, Daniel Blinkhorn, M. Wissar, Arsenije Jovanovic, Marco Madia, Akkamiau, JQR, Kamil, Redquel, Ribes, Delusions, HII Regions, Array Access, David Flood, Xtrngr, Gabriela Parra, AfroDJMac, Francesco Torelli, Alpha Cephei, Felix Blume, Jovica Storer, Dave Pape, Tessa Elief, Dizzy Banjo, Suonho, PJCohen, Virotic, Bram, Freed, SubFeld, Sandyrb, RHumphries, Richard Frohlich, Batchku, Patchen, Than van Nispen, Melack, PoisedToGlitch, Spt3125, Nirtana, Lost Chocolate Lab, J. Simon van der Walt, Koops, Milo, ERH, AlienXXX, Tombola, Lectronice and Terhen.


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