Polyphaune #17

Polyphaune #17 : Insect’s Ball, by Limonadiac

Between moth and reality, there’s often an itchy region created from scratch. And because it’s by blowing the wind that one cuts wood, for this season finale, Phaune Radio invites Limonadiac to tour the countryside to gather the best of the beast: free riders and invisible creeportunists, antellectual properties, elastic crickets and music suspenders, wanna-bee mumble bee, free feelers... Read More »

Polyphaune #14: Going Bearserk

Polyphaune #14: Going Bearserk

Introduction to Complex Thinking : All bears are mortal, I am mortal, so I’m a bear. At a slow breath rate, measure of her remaining time, Phaune Radio curls and let her go under the pawerful Ursidae. As one still must think about putting one claw in front of the other, Phaune Radio stretches and gets out of the cave, with pieces of dreams still glued to the eyelids. Encounters with his Maje... Read More »