Spazioerseti Open call

Spazioersetti is currently accepting proposals for multi-channel sound installations to be exhibited in our gallery space.
Applying works must clearly focus on the relationship between sound and space, i.e. we are interested in sounds that are evidence of a architecture, a dimension, a position, a proportion.
Personal approaches to Just Intonation are also very welcome.
We are looking for audio only. Note that no visuals, no sound sculptures, no live performances, no interactive setups will be accepted.
Works can be up to 8 channel and must be playable via software (Max / PD / SC / generic audio sequencers / other applications) or via CD/DVD/BD player. For any technical need beyond these guidelines please get in touch with us before to apply.

In order to let us listen to your works at the best conditions, please send uncompressed audio material in separate tracks. In case of excerpts the duration should be 5 minutes minimum. We will NOT evaluate proposals submitted via web links (Soundcloud, Myspace, Youtube, etcetera).
Please provide your works along with description, technical specifications, preferred disposition of speakers and any other relevant documentation.

Selected works will be exhibited in our space for a short period (six/ten days) and will be eligible to remain available in our catalogue for further programmes under agreement with the authors.

Spazioersetti is run by volunteers and it is entirely self-financed. Please understand we cannot provide reimburse nor fee to applicants at this first stage, nonetheless we will curate the exhibition of your work at our best and we will promote it through press, webzines, mailing lists.

This open call has no deadline.

Please send your material to:
Continuo associazione culturale
V.le Volontari della Libertà 43
33100 Udine
or use a file sharing service like

Here below is the plan of Spazioersetti studio space, speakers are by default placed all around and directed towards the center of the room, but the disposition is highly configurable.

Audio system

8 x Caterham Audio Technology model 7+
Dimensions WHD 132x198x350mm
Weight 3.8Kg
Power 70W RMS
Frequency Range: 50hz-20Khz
Sensibility 87dB/W/1m

Power Amp:
2 x Ecler MPA 4-80R

Macbook 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1GB RAM, OS 10.6

MOTU 828mk3 firewire


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Experimental Music and sound art Archive. If you want to propose some work for the file you have to register as a user

Experimental Music and sound art Archive. If you want to propose some work for the file you have to register as a user