sonADA 2015


sonADA 2015 showcases sound artists, performers, experiment filmmakers and dancers whose work is centered on new and explorative approaches to sound. This year’s theme, MESS, is a hwadu, a questioning or a doubt on what has been considered settled, sedimented, fixed, established. The invited artists are free to respond to, challenge, or ignore the theme. Regardless, the hwadu is here and will shape whatever the artists will do. What a mess! How interesting!

sonADA are a fledgling experimental music and sound art festival based in the North East. They made an exciting entrance to Aberdeen last year with a weekend of sound performances and discussions around creativity in the North. Since then they have been involved with their own hospitality and exchange project, sonADA inTransit, inviting the hugely interesting Papay Gyro Nights collective to present work in Peacock Visual Arts and traveling to Orkney to contribute to their 2015 festival.

In collaboration with SCAN (Scottish Contemporary Arts Network)Music department at the University of AberdeenPapay Gyro NightsSeventeenSERG (Sound Emporium Research Group) in Aberdeen and Citymoves Dance Agency, this second sonADA festival has expanded its programme to include international guests Ji Youn Kang + Mei-Yi Lee and the Sheffield based improvisors’ group The Noise Upstairs. Furthering the collaboration between sonADA and Papay Gyro Nights, sonADA also present Papay Gyro Nights artists based on the theme ofBABABADALGHARAGHTAKAMMINARRONNKONNBRONNTONNERRONNTUONNTHUNNTROVARRHOUNAWNSKAWNTOOHOOHOORDENENTHURNUK, which include video works by Genetic Moo, Arnont Nongyao, Rikke Benborg, Bjarni Gunnarsson and Cédric Dupire, Silje Linge Haaland, and Ryo Ikeshiro.

sonADA 2015 also offer two workshops on performance and technology,each run by Ji Youn Kang (Composing/Performing Live Electronic music for Percussion) and Colin Austin (Hardware synthesisers and sequencing for beginners). Alongside guests a range of local talent will be developing new works in a programme of performance, dance, sound, workshops and discussion around the theme of mess.


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