recent releases from pan y rosas discos

[pyr144] compost haven – icky vicky

compost haven - icky vicky

compost haven is a group that convened at art farm, nebraska and at a friend’s house in lincoln, nebraska in the summer of 2014. they are andy israelensen, katie kroko, john collins mccormick and zhiwan cheung.

they found pie tins in the woods and added them to bass, motors, vocals, electronics, viola, bowed objects, a snare drum and photography. then they made music.

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[pyr145] luciana bass – improvised guitar pieces

ZZ41E718B2luciana bass - improvised guitar pieces

luciana bass is a guitarist who graduated in sound arts & design at the university of the arts london. she is interested in sound exploration and experimentation and her preferred method is, normally, the electric guitar.

luciana’s first album for pan y rosas is a collection of guitar improvisations that she made with an emphasis placed on exploring and experimenting with different sounds. she produced all the sounds with an electric guitar with the exception of a tape loop on one track and an air extractor on another. every attempt was made to capture the spontaneity of the moment.

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[pyr146] aaron yabrov – tonmuseum

aaron yabrov - tonmuseum

aaron yabrov is a manipulator of ambient tapes, analogue synthesizers and found sound. he conducts his experiments in southern germany.

his first album for pan y rosas, tonmuseum, consists of two 15 minute tracks created using nothing but found sounds and one pre-recorded analogue-synthwave. aaron recorded all the sounds in 2013 on his way to and inside the ‘klanglabor’ at grassimuseum in leipzig, germany.

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[pyr149] stella veloce – for a flat

stella veloce - for a flat

stella veloce is a sardinian composer and multi-instrumentalist currently based in berlin where she is studying composition at the universität der künste. as a composer she works in the fields of instrumental acoustic music, performance art, sound art and stage music. she also performs inside of pop and free collective improv contexts which feedback into her work as a composer.

for her first album on pan y rosas, stella used every instrument and sound-making object available to her in her apartment including a cello, guitars, saxophones, small instruments, objects, voices and the sound of the birds in the back yard. she recorded the pieces over the course of a single weekend in march of 2015.

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