Prism, Mirror, Lens

Prism, Mirror, Lens

Prism, Mirror, Lens by Dave Seidel

I have released a new album on Bandcamp called Prism, Mirror, Lens. It consists of two tracks: the 47-minute title piece, and an older piece called Nur that I wrote in 2009 and revised recently. In a departure from my previous releases, these are both performance pieces, and both were recorded as live single takes (after a lot of practicing). Here are summary descriptions of both pieces:

  • Prism, Mirror, Lens (2014) is a piece for Shnth and realtime Csound processing. It utilizes pure tunings, complex timbres, and sounds of long duration, in a setting of continual spectral change. Prism, Mirror, Lens is dedicated to Samuel R. Delany, from whose novel Dhalgren the title is taken.
  • Nur (2009, revised 2015), composed and performed using SuperCollider, creates rhythmic structure from acoustical beating patterns using overlapping layers of precisely-tuned oscillators. This piece is dedicated to David Borden and Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company; I was fortunate to hear them perform live (more than once) in their original configuration as Borden, Steve Drews and Linda Fisher, when I was a young teenager living in Ithaca, New York in the early 1970s. Nur (???) is an Arabic word meaning light.

The release is available at It’s pay-as-you-wish (which includes $0), so there’s no reason not to download it and get a much higher-quality listening experience than you will get from streaming it (especially if you download it as FLAC, which is lossless).

My next scheduled performance in on September 26 at AS220 in Providence, RI (US) as part of the duo Palimpsest with the great vocalist Laurie Amat. Also on the bill: Matthew Underwood, Mem 1 (Laura and Mark Cetilia), and Ed Osborn.

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