This month, a special issue for Polyphaune by Tarabust, with Alain Damasio for Phonophore and Phaune Radio

In a society of control, every act generates trails, every trail a map to visualize them. No more need for oppressive hierarchies and police discipline: the technococoon that mediates our relationship to the world and to others offers public and private authorities the multifaceted manipulation and normative tools for our lives. Big Mother is washing you.

Except that… Big Mother is him, you, all of us: the other name of a self-control and cross-control we are all applying to others to reassure ourselves, monitor our existences, and – anywhere, anytime – “manage”.

So, out of control? The one you swallow or the one you cannot handle anymore ? Guess.

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Phaune Radio is a webradio that releases bubbling sounds: windows open on soundscapes from the wider world, bold, tousled or horizontal music, meetings with animals, documentaries and creative works. The plan: to transform radio into an experience of “wild listening” in tune with the animal world and its particular sound universe… 24h/ a Day on the world wild web and on your mobile phones -

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