Polyphaune #17

Between moth and reality, there’s often an itchy region created from scratch.

And because it’s by blowing the wind that one cuts wood, for this season finale, Phaune Radio invites Limonadiac to tour the countryside to gather the best of the beast: free riders and invisible creeportunists, antellectual properties, elastic crickets and music suspenders, wanna-bee mumble bee, free feelers and hornet’s nests, just in time to create the buzz on the fly.

So for the world to stay huge, forget your name, catch you launch bug, wear your dreams and scout the web, we offer you this last horsefly ride which still offer time to detour…

Polyphaune #17, Season 2: Insect’s Ball, by Limonadiac

About: Mushin

Phaune Radio is a webradio that releases bubbling sounds: windows open on soundscapes from the wider world, bold, tousled or horizontal music, meetings with animals, documentaries and creative works. The plan: to transform radio into an experience of “wild listening” in tune with the animal world and its particular sound universe… 24h/ a Day on the world wild web and on your mobile phones - http://phauneradio.com/

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