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Radio On, based in Berlin, transmits a wide variety of topics. Audio experiments, mockery, Live recordings, interviews, Radio Art, collages, poetry, books and politics fill our daily program.

We have a load of new programs scheduled.

Anne F. Jacques compiled a radiophonic report from her visit to Japan, hear it in post peak oil#9

Adrian Shephard unleashes the recordings from his mini-disc archive and takes the listener on a trip to unknown places in past, present and future. His -Unplanned- show has three episodes so far.

Don Campau enriches us with his knowledge of cassette culture. A two part special on New York’s Sounds of Pig label reveals the 1980s roots of today’s widespread underground sound&noise movement.

I, Rinus van Alebeek, have added some tape collages and shows, featuring cassette releases that arrived in the post. (Extracts can be heard on Bc

We have locked vinyl loops by Jeff Surak, culminating in a Höllentag Spezial. His DC soulmate Chester Hawkins sent us sounds by Robots. Valerie Kuehne and Wasp Nest are presented with a live recording of their American Cheese Apocalypse concert. Antonio Mainenti poses as Kim Jong-On in Kim Pop

Andy Bolus talks about ghost detecting machines and the rich history of attempts to get in touch with the death. His live concert, as Evil Moisture, at NKBerlin is featured.




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