MW Ensemble . Electric Oscillations + Field Recordings, Set V – AM Modulation @ Radius Episode 61

Electric Oscillations + Field Recordings

A small circuit oscillator was built on a breadboard using a CMOS chip, resistors, and capacitors.

A fraction of the signals generated by the oscillator were received by a radio and detected at discrete AM frequencies.

Experiment 1: AM Modulation + Oscillations, I – frequency scan (Set V) 

First, the radio was turned on and a radio broadcast could be heard.  After a few seconds the oscillator was then powered on.  Different tones generated by the oscillator were then audible as the AM frequency range was scanned.  The experiment ended when the oscillator was turned off and the radio broadcast could be clearly heard again.

Experiment 2: AM Modulation + Oscillations, II – constant frequency (Set V) 

This experiment began similar to Experiment 1, but the radio station frequency is kept constant for the duration of the recording while the oscillator is manipulated until finally switched off.

A comparison can be made from the sounds generated in these experiments to sounds generated from a similar oscillator set up directly connected to a set of speakers (Sets I-II).


MW Ensemble is Nancy Sylvester and Mike Winters.

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