Moving On Second (2015, variable length)

An algorithmic* composition by Robert van Heumen for Sauer Organ and SuperCollider**

Moving On Second (2015, variable length)

‘Moving On Second’ follows a 4-chord progression derived from the aria ‘In Deine Hände’ from the J.S. Bach cantata ‘Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit’, by accident pitched one semi tone up from the original. For every chord two semi-random notes are chosen for both the Sauer organ and the SuperCollider software to play. Other semi-randomized parameters include pitch bend, length and timing of the notes and playback of samples. The Sauer Orgen is controlled by the computer through the MIDI protocol. No player is involved. It was premiered on June 3 2015 during Orgelpark’s symposium ‘Bending Baroque’. The goal with this composition was to demonstrate the fascinating sound world one get achieve when combining acoustic pipes of an organ with ‘digital pipes’ of the computer: a hybrid electro-acoustic organ. More information inRobert van Heumen’s essay in the Orgelpark Research Paper #5/1: The New Baroque Organ.


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