MESMERISM 1: Michaela Davies – Involuntary Strings

Michaela Davies - Involuntary Strings

MESMERISM is the name of a mini-festival of immersive music curated by sonic artist Luke Jaaniste that took place at the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane at the end of February.

In this week’s podcast you’ll hear Michaela Davies’Involuntary Strings – a piece for violin and double bass in which the musicians’ movements are prompted by mild electrical shocks delivered by electro-muscle-stimulation pads controlled by a MIDI musical score.

You’ll also hear from curator Luke Jaaniste about some of the ideas behind the festival and about Michaela Davies’ piece.

Recorded live for ABC Classic FM by engineer Steve Fieldhouse and producer/engineer Costa Zouliou on 20 February 2015.

Michaela Davies and Kate Thomas perform ‘Involuntary Strings’ composition by Michaela Davies at the MESMERISM Summer Festival. Photo by Morgan Roberts Photography, courtesy of the festival.

MESMERISM 1: Michaela Davies – Involuntary Strings

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