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Martín Rodriguez . Radiotherapy v.2N_N3

Radiotherapy v.2N_N3, inspired by Rodriguez’s rehabilitation process after an awake brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor which temporarily left him with partial paralysis of the left side of his body, is an acousmatic composition produced by harnessing radio frequencies through a transducer that is attached to a standalone guitar. The transducer forced the whole body of the prepared guitar to vibrate. The resulting sound is a blend of musical notes and scanned AM radio frequencies resonating through the body of the guitar and passing through a chain of manipulated sound effects. This experiment was an attempt to discover a new way of playing the guitar without his left hand.


Martín Rodriguez’s artistic explorations are rooted in his colorful experiences coming from a Polish-Mexican-American home. Influenced by environmental sounds, he draws a connection between the instinctive sonic communication that occurs in nature with how human beings harness sound for their means of expression in order to create sonic environments which live, listen, and engage in the present.


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