Here’s the podcast + playlist for my radio shows this week, on air 6 days a week:
Every Tuesday at 2PM on Radio Panik from Brussels (105,4 FM)
Every Wednesday from 10 to 11 PM on College Radio Campus in Dijon
Every Thursday from 8 to 9 PM thru L’EKO des Garrigues FM that emits all over Montpellier and subrbs.
Every Friday from 19:30 to 20:30 the BiP_HOp Generation airs on JET FM which emits all over Nantes and its suburbs.
On College Radio Campus Grenoble, all over Grenoble and suburbs every Saturday evening, from 09:00 to 10:00 PM.
Every Sunday from 23:00 to Midnight on Radio Grenouille in Marseille and suburbs…


BiP_HOp Generation

“ALBUM” (label)

Norman Westberg: Bunny Bill
“13” (Room 40)

Dub Mentor feat. Tal Weiss: Motion Drawing
“Losing The Will To Survive” (EnT-T)

Philippe Petit: Ear Me In
“Ear Me In” (Bôlt)

Guy Reibel: Frottements – Irruption
“Douze Interventions En Six Modes De Jeu” (Karl)

Guy Reibel: Fluide
“Douze Interventions En Six Modes De Jeu” (Karl)

Guy Reibel: Equilibre Instable
“Douze Interventions En Six Modes De Jeu” (Karl)

Rant: Apercu
“Margo Flux” (Schraum)

Rant: Tympanem
“Margo Flux” (Schraum)

Gabriel Ledoux: (—–) ### (——)
“Le Vide Parfait” (Acte)

Gabriel Ledoux: ### (—————)
“Le Vide Parfait” (Acte)


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